Friday, January 9, 2009

'09 goals

I have to laugh as I begin to write this entry.  I look over the past 52 weeks, and realize that they came and left, and I didn't realize that they were ever there.  A day is a mere 24 hours, and they go by so fast that you wish it would contain 36.  Most of my past year was spent doing one of several things... programming, sleeping, driving all over kingdom come, or drinking (as in beer).

As I think about it, it was a fun year, with many new opportunities that I wouldn't have had if I were to still be working at a Corporate job, such as travelling to Portland & Seattle, eating at an underground restaurant, trying an USDA Prime NY Strip steak at Table 31, and learning a whole lot more about life.

The year did have its downturns as well, both parents fell ill, and having to watch them slow down in comparison to where they were at this time last year... facing the music that they are acutally mortal and will not be here at some point in the future, and realizing that I need to set achievable goals for what I want to accomplish by December 31. So, here goes:

Goals for '09:
  • Build dealprocessor COR to be web based, hopefully using Silverlight where applicable to still over a rich-client experinence, but yet have it easily accessible no matter where you are working.
  • Wrap up the Dinerware - Sales Watch project and get that published so it can begin drawing revenue.
  • Re-build the Dinerware Report Scheduler to be more user friendly, and get it to market for the July Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Attend the Dinerware Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV
  • Go to RSPA and talk with vendors about dealprocessor, and build a good lead base to go off of for the fall of the year.
  • Clear some revenue on dealprocessor, so that I can continue to afford developing the package.
  • Work with revolutionPOS to develop a decent VAR line so that we may both be able to prosper.
Now, hopefully since I have finally written them down, I can sit here on Dec 31, and look back and go right down the list and say "done, done, done... DONE"  We shall see.

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