Friday, November 21, 2008

24x7x365 Support

I'm amazed how many times businesses on the web talk about offering 24x7x365 support for their product or service, yet do not follow through with it completely.  I've experienced this several times with web hosting companies, and most recently with a web host for a new client I am dealing with...

To start this off, I would consider myself a fairly seasoned .Net developer, considering that I have several applications running over the years, starting in the 1.1 era of .Net.  Most of my initial works have been in the web applications development, but most recently, have been in the full-on winforms applications.

Anyway, back to the story.

This client calls, and he and I are talking about this wicked new Add-in he wants for one of his clients.  During the consultation on the phone, we get into discussing his site, and he mentions that he wants to change it to work off of this great tool called AspDotNetStoreFront (  I explain that I have set the system up a few times, and if he would like, I could take a look at it for him.  He thanks me for the offer, and accepts it.

About two days later, he forwards the information over to me so that I can gain access to the SQL server, FTP site, etc. and can begin launching his copy of the storefront software.  I take the information, and begin reading over it.  It states his host is Empire Data Technologies, Inc. (site:  The sql server information was xxx, and the development domain is yyyyy.  Being as paranoid as I am with making sure things are working, I try to open the development domain.  No dice.  nothing exists there, not even a "Coming Soon" page, which most web hosts give you...

Ok, so I go back to the host's site, and notice that they have 24x7x365 support for their system.  I call their support number (1-877-xxx-xxxx) to try to speak with a Live support technician.  The phone rings and rings and rings for what seems like 3 minutes, rediculous amount of time, for sure.  Finally, a voice comes on (recording) welcoming me to calling into their tech support number.  I am instructed to leave a message, and someone will return my phone call as soon as possible.  I leave the message, and hang up.  This was on Wednesday evening, almost a complete 48 hours ago.  ACK

I have had enough with companies claiming 24x7x365 support, and wish all of 'em would either own-up and say that we will support you as we can, or hire enough staff so that when I call in at 6:00 PM EST, that I can speak with a "LIVE" support technician to get the information I need to complete a task!

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