Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update - '09 Goals

Well, it's almost May.... ~4.75 months since I wrote the '09 goals post.

I ahve two updates to give at this point:

Wrap up the Dinerware - Sales Watch... This is technically wrapped up, although I had hoped that POS Leader would have marketed the software Add-on more, and given better feedback so we could truely make it a whizz-bang Add-on that other restaurant POS systems cannot offer.

Re-build the Dinerware Report Scheduler... TBD... things are going well, and I have done significant work to it. The software is now completely re-built, and seems to be functioning well. There is now interest for this Add-on from another Dealer out of the Carolinas, and they are in the process of test-implementing the software now. Hopefully, that will go through, and I can see some revenue come in.

I'm anxious to get through the rest of second quarter, and to run the quarterly sales reports to see how I did this quarter in comparison to last!

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