Saturday, May 17, 2008

Editing HTML in Windows Forms...

Building systems where users can submit information for review is a great feature to offer. It affords them the ability, if needed, to express themselves in the best way that they see fit for the need. Many people have built such a control, however, most of these controls are released to the public via the GPL license, or you're paying over $200-$400 for a decently developed version.

What I have decided to do is to take the time and actually build my own, using tidbits of information scattered throughout the Internet, keeping it completely in .Net, without importing any special libraries that do not exist as part of the .Net environment.

I have seen many implementations where the MS HTML control has been brought in, and then COM wrappers have been built around them. I've even taken time to download and experiment with these controls, and know this feat can be accomplished. I'm planning on trying to finish it, and then probably post the code here so that if you indeed need such a control, you can use it.

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